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June 20, 2014

AIDA (Aida)

Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz


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AIDA - Staatstheater am Gδrtnerplatz

Tamara Haskin sang a glowing and full Aida. Her dramatic soprano voice had perfectly pitched high notes, a seamless, warm middle register and a whopping deep lower register. A strong woman who is equal to the father as well as the beloved is capable of going from high delicate pianos to sudden outbursts of passion.

J. Kempkens, Online-Merker 2014


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Throughout her life, steadfast determination has been the driving force in Tamara Haskin successfully overcoming a physical birth defect. At birth, the brachial plexus nerve in her right arm was severed, leaving it stunted in growth with limited movement. Yet surprisingly, stage directors, audiences and colleagues alike continually marvel at her physical versatility, natural stage instincts and strong acting abilities.

As a young child, Tamara never realized she was handicapped. She taught herself to play the piano with both hands at the age of 4, and during graduate studies in Paris, France, became the principal pianist for a 1,500-member Christian church.

“If I cannot perform a task in the way others do it, I find another way of doing it…and perform it 1000 times more effectively!”

Tamara is anything but disabled. This dramatic actress moves confidently on stage, captivating her audiences to the point that one forgets the handicap.

As art is her passion, Ms. Haskin radiates grace and elegance, confidently presenting herself as a high caliber performing artist.

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